Deshpee Group Turns 4 Years Old: What We've Achiev

I still remember the first day I came to work in our very first office, having absolutely no idea how to run a company. Even though I was 19 at that time, I never let age come in my way...

It has been an exciting trail of 4 years now! Today, Deshpee Group turns 4, and with this, we have just one more feather in our hat. With mixed feelings of nostalgia and excitement, we are all set to celebrate the growth, progress, and innovation which Deshpee strives for. ‘To make this world a better place’ has always been our mantra and we try to stick to that through our brands and services.

At Deshpee, every day is filled with serious work, a lot of fun, and exciting improvements which come up almost daily!


It all started in 2013 when I started working on Floma India. Then, it was just an idea of creating customised wall clocks, but I brainstormed to make it an internet company which aimed to connect the entire Indian interior design industry under one roof. Today, we are one of India’s most innovative online interior design companies with thousands of pan India registrations.

In 2018, we've made significant improvements to the Floma platform, launching Floma Services, Floma Events, Floma Magazine, Floma Projects, and other countless improvements! All these have helped make Floma more and more useful for both homeowners and industry professionals.

In the coming year of 2019, we'll be staying true to our passion! We will be expanding Floma to new areas of interior design and try to make Floma an all-inclusive platform and the go-to destination for any interior related needs and services.


Going ahead, on 30th June 2014, I launched Socinova, which is an affordable social media management agency. I made a spontaneous decision of starting it, and suddenly we realised that we had done the right thing! Today, Socinova stands strong as one of the top-ranked agencies for affordable social media marketing!

In 2018, we have redesigned our website, and also, now we are using new tools in our daily activities, seeking excellence in our quality of work. We now serve over 125+ clients each year from all parts of the globe!


Following the success of Socinova, in the year 2015, I thought of going one step beyond and launched our third brand; Trigacy! It was primarily just a digital marketing agency, but in the year 2017, we converted it into an on-demand digital marketing services’ store which serves the clients from India and overseas.

In the year 2018, it took it even one step further, completing even more projects than before, including Lava Digital Marketing, Bhor Chemicals, CarCloud, HexacureHWCG and many more! We've also worked on quite a few video and SEO projects and all those have aided our knowledge and team growth!


Following the growth chart, in the year 2016, we started thinking about contributing to the social causes. For this, we launched the Nelda Foundation. We aimed to influence the plantation of over 1 billion trees by 2040 in India and we are still true to that goal. Nelda also has a Discussions Section, Store and Donations Programme.

In the year 2018, Nelda has planted around 100 trees which are mostly big saplings as they can also provide a shelter for the birds. We also focused on the maintenance of the trees throughout the year. Other than our own work, we have also worked in coalition with other NGOs like Swach Pune Swach Bharat and contributed in cleaning drives as well. Moreover, we have also carried out cleaning campaigns on forts like Lohagad, Andharban, and Rajgad.

All in all, we brought in around 1,000 new people on Hanuman Tekdi through our events in the year 2018. In the year 2019, we aim to continue our work and grow the scope of it by inspiring more and more people to volunteer!


In 2018, we also started working on the fifth brand of our group, Deshpee Training Institute! With DTI, we want to train excellence in digital marketing. The entire Deshpee team was a part of this. It was a wonderful experience indeed.

Our first batch was hugely successful, and we are all set for our next batch which is scheduled to begin in January 2019!


So many exciting things done in the year 2018 and we are now even more excited about what's ahead in 2019! We hope that the year 2019 brings us more opportunities to grow, to explore new arenas, to serve more people and keep evolving. 

Cheers to all these fantastic years and also to another 50 years of excellence and innovation!