Here We Are With The Brand New Deshpee Institute

Deshpee Group’s story is a story of consistent creativity and precision. I have believed in adopting excellence as our attitude and imparting the same to each of our brands. As I envision, Deshpee should not only remain a group of companies but should attempt to make the world a better place through creative solutions. With this motivational zeal, I have taken a step ahead and formed the Deshpee Training Institute; for providing excellent knowledge of digital marketing to the aspiring digital marketers.


My Background

Talking a bit about myself, I am a passionate professional who loves to make creative ideas a reality. I started Deshpee in December 2014 along with Socinova, our world-class social media management agency, and Floma, one of India's first online interior design startups. Over the years, I started Trigacy, our on-demand digital marketing services' store, and Nelda, our non-profit organisation for tree plantation and nurturing.

I always try to look for opportunities that fit our interests and capacity, and pursue them with 100% dedication. Deshpee Training Institute was just the next one on the list.


Why did I start Deshpee Training Institute?

Being a professional working in the field of digital marketing and having a client base not only in India but also around the world, I realised that this field has endless scope for growth and innovation. The world has embraced digitisation in every walk of life, be it personal or professional. Big and small companies are too increasingly investing in digital marketing.

In India alone, about 87% of brands are going digital for marketing, and 38% companies have dedicated 1/3rd of their budget for digital marketing. This robust upsurge in digital marketing has given rise to the demand for skilled professionals in this field. According to an estimate, there will be 20 Lakh job openings for digital marketers in India by the year 2022. Thus, it is safe to say that this is a right time for choosing digital marketing as a career. Whether one is an undergraduate, graduate, or working professional, everyone can grab this opportunity and seek excellence in digital marketing.

Keeping this at the backdrop, I saw the need to impart my experience and expertise in the digital marketing to the ones who are keen to work in this field. Unlike the quintessential digital marketing courses which focus on theoretical knowledge, I believe in imparting practical guidance and hands-on experience. Moreover, who else can do a better job of training digital marketing skills than those who do it every day? This paved way to the idea of forming the Deshpee Training Institute.


Deshpee Training Institute's Digital marketing Course

The Deshpee Institute’s Digital Marketing Course will be held in Pune in the IMCC college campus and will commence from July. This course is open for students seeking a career in digital marketing, professionals looking for better job opportunities or for entrepreneurs looking to run their businesses more efficiently. This course is one of its kind and enables you to learn all the basics of digital marketing and that too from the experienced professionals. You'll not only learn, but you will also get to practice and get better. At the end of this course, you will be certified jointly by IMCC and Deshpee Training Institute.

This course is a perfect blend of theory and practice and we plan to take this excellent opportunity further by launching this at various colleges to make it available for hundreds, if not thousands of students by the end of 2019.


I see this as just another milestone to Deshpee's growth. By NO means this is a point where we stop. So stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Deshpee. We always drop one every few months, don't we? ;)

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